This is where you can find magickal snippets about the artwork & artists as well as interesting info.

Featured Artist - Mary Napper-White

Mary Napper-White is an artist and arts administrator, who studied Fine Art at the University of Reading.  She is inspired by the landscape, buildings and lore of the Welsh March, where she lives and works, and by her commitment to contemporary Druidry.

The Wild Hunt - pastel on paper (below) features in

the 2020 Folklore Diary.




















'Wild Edric and his fairy wife hunt the stormy skies above the Stiperstones, Shropshire. Hounds from the Otherworld can always be recognised by their white coats and red ears.'

Featured artist -Joseph Coyle (Scrobb)

''I am Joseph Scrobb; artist, illustrator, poet, story teller and native of Scrobbesbyrigscīr. It was in the landscape of Shropshire that I discovered the expressive power of mythology and faith, as evidenced in local and national folklore; obscure rituals, superstitions, fairy tales, and genius loci. My practice in it's broadest sense is an ongoing engagement with, exploration and re-interpretation of these tattered threads of ancient culture and narrative; expressing them through symbolism that I relate to my own experiences of mental illness, anxiety and an outsider's experience of society. These traces of old custom and belief offer tantalising clues to a strange and wonderous past, in which the landscape was an enchanted and haunted place, and gave birth to expressions of human imagination and creativity. This enchantment has not been lost, as veiled as it may now seem, it has simply lain latent beneath the crooked hills, under the boughs of knotted forests, and submerged in mysterious pools of unfathomed depth.


I am currently based in Shrewsbury having studied in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, for my Masters degree. I am currently specialising in book illustration, an art form I am intensely passionate about, but my practice also extends to and encompasses poetry, performance, prose, craft-work and ritual.'' 

Joe's images were used in the 2018 diary.

Mary's image.jpg

Sharon Walford produces the most amazing intuitive full of energy paintings using Acrylic paints. She kindly agreed to giving some of her positive affirming energies to the diary by allowing us to display two of her works. We love the creative chaos of colour and texture in her paintings. you can see her work on our Welcome page and July in the 2018 diary.

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Lucy Carmel is a multi-talented artist from near Much Wenlock who kindly gave us the image of 'Evening Trees' for our October image in the 2018 diary. She has her own lovely and charming studio 'Lucy's shed' where she makes amongst many other things 'blanket bunnies'. Check out her facebook page Lucy's Shed - Art and Textile Studio @lucy'sshed.

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Clare Wassermann was the first artist we approached about sharing her artwork in the new 2018 diary because we love the positive energy exuberance of colour and layers in her artwork. Clare being such a generous person was happy to share a piece she had just created called 'Songbird'. It is on the April page of the diary as a herald to the reawakening of nature at this time of the year and the arrival of migrant birds.

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Clare's own words about her artwork-

I love the idea of layer upon layer in paint, memories and experience. Some paintings have ten or even twenty layers built up and most are in response to my meditation and yoga practice. All are a pure celebration of my external and internal landscape. Juxtaposition of edges and colour combinations excite me.

I use recurring symbols, meaningful to me and sometimes words in my layers, building up and letting go of images as I work.

Sometimes I work in fabric and stitch for even more texture.

I use my intuition, as far as possible, to take me on the journey towards a final balance point. This art practice becomes a metaphor for life.