All Hallows' Eve -Winter is 'icumen' in !

Warning - Precautions must be taken on this night for fear of enchantment!

All Hallows Eve, Samhain, Halloween, Calan Gaeaf, Oíche Shamhna is a night of many names and many superstitions and has its roots in our agricultural/pastoral past, when the Celtic/Gaelic peoples of our isles celebrated the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. Now if we are being strictly accurate we are actually eleven days ahead of ourselves as it was the old Calendar, before the 1752 reform, that our ancestors followed, thereby making it the 11th November when the dead were honoured and remembered and people looked forward to what was ahead of them. I always think how poignant and coincidental that this it is the date of Armistice when we now remember our warriors and casualties of wars. However as with all things we change with the times and I feel that , as with many of these rural observances, it would have been as much about '