Bridgid's Day

Happy St Bridgid's day and welcome February !

Bridgid of Kildare in Ireland is such an interesting character and has much debate about whether the Bridgid celebrated as a saint is the same as the Celtic goddess of the same name. Either way she is attributed to performing many miracles and is associated with many trades and particularly celebrated as an emblem for women.Brigid was said to visit people's home and that she would give blessing to those who made a bed for Brigid and left food and drink out for her. Some would leave clothing outside for her to bless. She would also bless the barns and the livestock too. Perhaps you could try making a Brigid's cross there are lots of 'how to' instructions on the net. Traditionally they were made of rushes woven into a square or equilateral cross, although three-armed crosses have been made. The crosses would be hung over doors, windows and stables to welcome Brigid and give protection to the barns and cottages fire and lightning. The crosses would be left until next Imbolc when they would be replaced and the old ones would be burnt. I make Rowan crosses in Autumn for this same purpose.