Spring- the season of hope

The vernal equinox -the first day of spring.

How do we mark such a significant day of the year? A few years ago I spent the day with a lovely group at Boundary Way Allotments in Penn. It was a day of late snowfall, known as ‘Daffodil or Onion’ snow (depending on your preferred plant) but despite the weather we stoically celebrated the coming of spring. We made a wreath/mobile to hang in our gardens using a circlet of hazel as our base. We hung things to protect our gardens over the coming growing months including an old iron fork to protect from witches and evil spirits, a shiny foil ball to attract the fairies to it rather than them causing mischief in our garden, we hung an eggshell as a reminder to deter slugs that they were not welcome during the growing season, feathers to celebrate the birds that we share our garden space with and we put moss around the circlet to give the birds a lining for their nests, we also included a sprig of rosemary in remembrance of those who had gardened where we do now and shells and bones to represent the nutrients from past living things that feed our earth. Finally we decorated it with seasonal plants & flowers such as catkins and forsythia flowers. The positive intentions we put into the making of our wreaths soon made us forget about our numb fingers as