Super Blue Moon

And so we have the second full moon of the month making it a blue moon and due to its proximity to the earth its a whopper !

'I see the moon the moon sees me, God bless the moon and God bless me,' is a little rhyme that passed through our family together with turning a coin in our pocket when we saw the full moon.

The saying 'Once in a Blue Moon,' means something happens infrequently although this year we have two Blue Moons with March being a double full moon month. The Blue Moon being on March 31st. We also have no full moon at all in February. So if you are feeling a little 'loony' by the time we get to April then the unusual moon patterns that we have to start this year may have a lot to do with it !

The Latin word Luna, meaning Moon, forms the origin of the words 'lunacy', 'lunatic' and 'loony'. The 1842 Lunacy Act defined a 'Lunatic' as 'a demented person enjoying lucid intervals during the first two phases of the Moon and afflicted with a period of fatuity in the period following after the full Moon.'