Country Wisdom & Folklore Diary 2021


Our 2021 Country Wisdom & Folklore Diary is a message of hope for the coming year ahead, encouraging us all to observe the seasons, celebrate traditional markers of the passing year such as the solstices and equinoxes, keep alive our traditions and gain inspiration from observing our natural world  & the celestial realms beyond it. We tell you folklore tales, sayings, superstitions & traditional customs that our ancestors would recognise as part of their daily lives and acted as markers for the passage of the year.   As always we try to tread a gentle path on mother earth and so we use UK sourced edixion FSC uncoated paper and card stock which is bound as a paperback thereby minimising production heavy bindings that have an environmental impact. Our diary has no micro- plastic coating and is 100% recyclable. It's A5 in size and will be packaged in an Ecolope (which is an uncoated paper outerbag with a corrugated paper inner).